Our Mission

mainThe mission of Project Kids Worldwide is to make available life saving surgery and improve medical treatment for impoverished children with congenital and acquired heart disease from underserved areas throughout the world.

Project Kids Worldwide strives to improve the complex medical needs of children with congenital and acquired heart disease and enhance the quality of their lives. Project Kids Worldwide is the premier organization collaborating with international social agencies and organizations to identify and bring to the United States children with congenital and acquired heart disease to save their lives through surgery. Project Kids Worldwide coordinates and allocates resources, to support this life saving work. Today and tomorrow Project Kids Worldwide strengthens and increases volunteer networks to sustain its programs.


Project Kids Worldwide brings children to hospitals in the United States where advanced technology and skilled personnel repair their hearts and improve the methods for the treatments of other complex health conditions.

Project Kids Worldwide designs sustainable healthcare programs and policies, develops, provides and promotes medical advances that prevent diseases from taking children at an early age. Project Kids Worldwide programs are committed to help children recover and lead a healthy life.

Project Kids Worldwide collaborates with the medical communities, civil authorities, and charitable organizations in selected developing countries and in the United States to improve the quality of healthcare practices and to expand the scope of cardiac care.

Project Kids Worldwide provides technologically advanced equipment, supplies, and drugs to underserved regions.